Electric Winches


    Electric hoist winches, developed for gantry, a-frames, any other hoisting system, siderurgy, refinary, heavy construction industry and mooring systems on floating or fixed harbours. Characterized by a well compact arrangement, with planetary gear box mounted inside the drum. All models configured with automatic multi-disk brake device, applied by spring and released electrically. All models available with accessories such as: Roller presser, levelwind, local or remote control, load, cable length and line speed measure device and last wrap brake. Automatic or manual band brake device available in some models. Winches available with local or remote control panels, with or without variable frequency driver, configured with several control options.

    GEL 2040 4.000 Kgf
       Ø 9,5 mm: 127 m
       Ø 11 mm: 112 m
       Ø 13 mm: 74 m
    GEL 20100 10.000 Kgf
       Ø 13 mm: 473 m
       Ø 16 mm: 278 m
       Ø 19 mm: 210 m
    GEL 20200 20.000 Kgf
       Ø 19 mm: 265 m
       Ø 22 mm: 195 m
       Ø 26 mm: 135 m
    GEL 20350 35.000 Kgf
       Ø 22 mm: 623 m
       Ø 26 mm: 423 m
       Ø 32 mm: 311 m
    GEL 20450 45.000 Kgf
       Ø 32 mm: 342 m
       Ø 35 mm: 320 m
       Ø 38 mm: 246 m
    GEL 20650 65.000 Kgf
       Ø 38 mm: 702 m
       Ø 42 mm: 518 m
       Ø 52 mm: 332 m

    * - Contact us for special projects.


    Electric AC utility winches developed for general heavy construction, siderurgy, refinary, and any other linear traction applications which requires reliability in load retention and higher line speed. Electric and electronic components available in explosion proof option, specially developed for explosive atmosphere applications. Models available with local panel, with start/stop/reverse controls, or local panel with variable frequency drive, or remote control by pendant control or radio control.

    For more information about the available electric utility winches models, please, contact us.

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